The Experiment

A research group wants to have an Experiment on a group of volunteers. for this research they needed peoples from different personalities. they were paying a lot of money to volunteers.many people gather in researchs center group that consist of filthy men,good men, religious persons and criminal people. in other words the good and the bad against themselves. finally twenty(20) persons choosed for this Experiment.

 volunteers entered to a lab and the lab was like a prison. they divided to pair group of eight and twelve unit.  the little group became warder and the major group became prisoner. they had two law in that jail. the first law was that prisoners were forced to do all of things that warders said. and the second law was an Alarm for all of the volunteers that must not be sounded. if the volunteers had been mistaking so the Alarm had been sounding. and they didnt gave any money.

the Experiment started and the first day passed without any problem.  second day happened a little matter between warders and prisoners. so the problem continued fifth and sixth days. in seventh day the matter developed and killed one of the prisoners. till last day both of two groups were fought to each other and while prisoners were hitting the warders,,,  the Alarm  sounded. and the Experiment canceled. when all of the volunteers were getting out from lab,, they thought to their lost days. finally the money payed to them....


the Aim of this Experiment was this matter that:  how long mind of human cans loving kindness rather than other peoples. and,

 why the power makes sombody ingrate to others?!?!

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